Tips to Find Good Cars

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Why Do We Choose Autotrader as A Platform to Buy Car?

Autotrader is the largest and have various selections

How can I reserve a vehicle I am interested in UK?

If the price and car met objective. Send us the car link and we will speak to the Dealer if the car is available for export. If available arrange for video call the view the car. Happy with the car, place the deposit with CarSpace and we will arrange all the necessary.

Fix Cost

Total transprant Cost

What is Shipping Cost ? What is Handling Cost ? What is Customs Clerance Fee?


Financing Options?

We can arrange finance through all of the major banks with our assistance.

Can I arrange my own finance?

Yes, we will provide you the necessary docs to submit your loan application


How to I place the deposit & downpayment?

All transition go through CarSpace Malaysia. Cash buyer 30% deposit 70% once the car arrive at port klang. Financing Depending on % loan approval/Bridging loan % and downpayment%.




Import Fee

What is Import Fee?




CarSpace Works?

How does CarSpace works?

We educate our client how to buy the car direct from the source and we will provide the transparent cost and prepare the paperwork to import your car from Uk and Japan. Unlike Conventional Car Dealers mark-up up to 20% We only charge a minimum fee of 3% from the total car price.

What documents will I need to import car with CarSpace?

ID & Driving License/ Under company co name with no registration

Can I buy new car and exported to Malaysia?

According to Malaysia Miti only 1 years old and above are allow to Import to Malaysia. If below then 1 year we advise? Park at UK secure parking

Is it safe to buy a car without seeing it?

We only list cars from vetted dealers and every used car is mechanically inspected and checked against the HPI database, which verifies its history and mileage.

How would I know if the vehicle in UK and Japan is reliable and legitimate, not accident car, not scrap etc?

Uk we can check with their HPI record and 3rd party inspector and Japan with Auction Sheet where they have already inspect the car before the auction . Thorough inspection every car sold is quality assured.

Is it cheaper to import your own car ?

We are asked this constantly. The answer is almost always, YES, for the SAME QUALITY car

Can I purchase a car from Carspace and register it under Langkawi, duty free?

Yes, but all the car must come to Port Klang. before sending it to Langkawi.


Do all cars come with Warranty?

No but Customer able to Register & localize vehicle with the authorized service centre with a minimal fee or 3rd party extended warranty company. Do speak to us and we can assist you to calculate how much the cost.